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All our halal dishes are certified by EuroHalal (Office of Control and Halal Certification) that gives to the consumers a maximum of guarantees of the origin of the Halal products  with a simple and accessible schedule of conditions.

All our Kosher trays/boxes and meals are under the complete supervision of « Beth Din de Lyon » and also certified by them. Meat dishes are Glatt-kosher. The Bichoul is guarantied following Beth Yosseph rules. Rolls are mezonot.

We have an international security program for the procurement of in-flight supplies, validated by ASCT, an International Training Center since 2002 that offers full range of training in airport safety, fire safety, security and prevention, first aid and general safety. We are now known as an inflight supplier for some of our clients.


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Our team has sourced the best products in order to provide huge assets in comparison with fresh products. Indeed, ambient processing offers cost efficient advantages that will allow you to meet your passenger/ consumer needs by anytime (long shelf life, easy storage, easy logistics, less waste, last minute solution…).

Attractive packaging :

  • Easy opening meal box : help the crew members on board
  • A full range of products : you can choose the best composition to match with your   customers expectations

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  • Typical Italian tomato spread
  • Crackers
  • Salmon rillette
  • A range of meals for any type of taste buds

WAM with its label « Selected by WAM » offers a range of boxes with the adapted equipment, and outstanding products for your Business lounges, all packaged in a premium box/ shelf.

In addition, your boxes can be customized thanks to slipping cases and the possibility of adding documents such as marketing leaflets.




The Halal range, as well as the Kosher range for the Economy Class are available anytime in our warehouse.

WAM offers a unique delivery service, on time, with a team that work hard to meet the expectations of our customers. As for the neutral and customized business mealboxes, the lead time is 10 working days, provided that the products are in stock.

Delivery schedules :

From Monday to Thursday

From 8.30am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm

And Friday

From 8.30am to 12am


The different mealboxes from recycled materials can be reduced with their pre-cutted sides and can adapt to all kind of presentation.

The mealboxes and mealtrays are all Atlas format :

ATLAS Format 1/2 : 20 units

ATLAS Format 2/3 : 15 units

ATLAS Format 1/1 : 10 units